Como dizer "fazer extravagância" em inglês

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Português: fazer extravagância(s)
Inglês: overdo it

Overdo (it): to do too much of something. [Thefreedictionary]

Exemplo traduzido:

''There are always some students at parties who overdo it.''
"Existem sempre alguns estudantes em festas que fazem extravagância(s).''

  1. You mustn't overdo it - if you' re tired, just sit down and start again.
  2. When patients tell the tales of how they overdid it at a holiday party, it's not the specific foods they consumed that I'm interested in as much as the answer to the one question I often ask: "What were you thinking of when you saw that food and what kind of conversation did you have with yourself while you were eating?" Sadly, the most common response is, "I wasn't saying anything. [USA TODAY]
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