Como dizer "Ficar sem palavras" em inglês

Como dizer "Ficar sem palavras" em inglês
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Além da palavra speechless, muito comumente utilizada, podemos utilizar a expressão idiomática:

Find one's tongue
  • When she told me she had AIDS, I couldn't find my tongue.
  • Tom was speechless for a moment. Then he found his tongue.
  • Ann was unable to find her tongue. She sat there in silence.
  • Amy took a step forward and finally found her tongue. 'I'm Rhoda's friend, ' she said.
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Sugiro também as opções have no words e words fail somebody para dizer ficar sem palavras em inglês.

Exemplos de uso:
  • What do you think of this accident? I have no words. It was terrible. [O que você acha deste acidente? Eu fiquei sem palavras agora. Foi terrível.]
  • Tell us about the show. Well, I have no words. It was amazing. [Conte-nos sobre o show. Bem, eu fiquei sem palavras agora. Foi maravilhoso.]
  • ''Are you surprised?'' I had no words. [Está surpreso? Eu fiquei sem palavras.]
  • I was shocked, words failed me. [Eu estava chocado. Fiquei sem palavras.]
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At a loss (for words)

Fig. Unable to speak; speechless or befuddled. -The Free Dictionary.

When she told me why she wanted to leave, I was so surprised that I was at a loss for words.
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To some degree, sometimes "overwhelmed" could be synonym with "sem palavras" (okay, quase sem palavras). But not always - of course; one gets the hang of it with time.

Some examples from the web:
When I saw the Niagara Falls for the first time, I was overwhelmed with amazement!
I had that indenifable feeling of amazement.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how adorable my horse is.
(in other words "it´s indescribable how adorable she is.)

I am so happy to hear that you are getting married (And that overwhelmed will be a part of the day!..)
(that feeling of happiness that washes me, which I couldn´t explain in word/put in words.)
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In addition to all the answers:

Be lost for words= to be so ​shocked, ​surprised, ​full of ​admiration, etc. That you cannot ​speak:

Ex.: Mary was lost for words when she was ​awarded the ​prize. Fonte
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Suggestion: To be out of words

"I was out of words when I won.."