Como dizer "forçar a vista" em inglês

anita 13
Hi, there! I'd like to know how to say "forçar a vista" in English, as when you try hard to see something.
Thanks a lot!

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Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

To squint.

For example: She had to squint to read the small print.

anita 13
Hi, Breckenfeld! Squint was news to me... I've checked its meaning and there are lots of different ideas for it, but one sounds like what I needed :) Thanks for your suggestion!
I think it's better to say :

It tires my eyes.
Thomas 7 61 290
to strain the eyes = to force the eye to see something that you are not seeing well.

To squint = to close the eyes only partly letting you see without getting sun into your eye, and often permitting better vision although seeing less area. It does not mean you are forcing the eye to do anything but close partly. If you do not believe someone who is talking to you, you may squint your eye or eyes at him.