Como dizer "função de aproximar" em inglês

Hi Everybody!!!


So, this is my doubt, i need to use this expression in some material of the company where i work...

If you know some expression similar, please let me know..

Thanks in advance


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Juliana Rios 24 105 394
"Ter a função de aproximar..." = "To aim to bring closer/together/etc."

I got these from Google:

"This Union aims to bring closer individuals sharing the same interests and promote artistic actions".

"This annual event aims to bring closer some of the best professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs..."

"Our initiative aims to bring together management practices, references and success stories..."

It's never a bad idea to provide a little context when asking for translations to sentences which allow for such a wide range of different interpretations. I'm not ever sure this is the meaning you were going for here.
Thanks Juliana..

As you said here goes some information about the issue:

The idea of this quote is to make people get together, make people stay together or closer to each other for a moment, in places such as Dinning room, Kitchens, etc.. spend some time together like in the old time, not like nowadays when each person has a different time and does all the things alone.

I hope it will help you...
Juliana Rios 24 105 394
Thanks Vinicius!

I believe the following phrasings might be possible:

"An experience/project/etc. that aims to bring/draw/get people closer together".

"An experience/project/etc. that aims to bring/draw/get people closer to each other".

"An experience whose purpose is to bring people closer together/to each other".