Como dizer "heróis não tem medo da morte" em inglês

Hi guys!

I neet to translate the sentence "verdadeiros heróis não tem medo da morte" to English but I have doubts and I am wondering which of these is the most appropriate translation:
"Real heroes don't feel fear of death"
"Real heroes don't have fear of death"
or "Real heroes aren't afraid of death"

I hope a suggestion.

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All these are grammarly correct. But perhaps...

Real heroes don´t let the fear of death get in the way.

The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared. (general George S. Patton)

Real heroes overcome their fears, face the obstacles, and make a difference. Don´t matter what!

And other ways...
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True heroes do no fear death.

A true hero does not fear death.
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My suggestion:

Fear of death does not get the better of real heroes.