Como dizer "Memórias afetivas, sentimentais" em inglês

Por exemplo: "essa música me traz memórias afetivas/sentimentais".

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4 respostas
1) This song is so nostalgic.
>> Esta música é tão nostálgica.
>> Está música me traz lembranças (de uma época; do passado).

2) This song makes me feel nostalgic.
>> Esta música me faz sentir nostálgico.
>> Esta música me faz ter lembranças.
>> Esta música me traz recordações.

3) This song makes me happy.
>> Esta música me faz feliz.
>> Esta música me deixa feliz.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
"affective memory" would is one of the ways to express that. However, in that sentence it would be better translated into "this music (I would use 'song' here, more emphatical perhaps) brings emotional memories to me.

Notice that "essa" would mean "that", and "esta" would be "this", although in practice it may have an intersection in sense I mean, in conversational Portuguese, the listener may let it pass unchecked (sometimes for the flow of the communication).
Actually, "essa" even being used this pronoun, it's something that in context it would be understood as "esta" if the tune is playing at the moment of speaking. In a context where the music isn't on, it would certainly be used "aquela".
Hey there PAULO,

I somewhat agree with you.

Since the word "music" is an uncountable noun, I could not use it in the previous sentences.

When we need to specify one of them, we will use the demonstrative pronouns, "this" or "that", followed by a countable noun, like song(s), tune(s) or music pieces (piece(s) of music).

Although we make some use of the term emotional memories, I consider it quite technical.

So long,

PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Thanks for sharing your always views and insights, Ricardo.
The choice of words 'song/tune' over music was that it conveys a specific tune to me, where music could ring as music in general or a genre of it. But then, it occurred to me, at the time of writing.
As for the "emotional memories", yes, I agree with you.
Again thanks for your invaluable and significant insights and perspectives.
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