Como dizer "odiar" em inglês

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Last night I was watching the Saturday Night Live on Sony and I listened a music sung by Amy Adans and Kristen Wiig. In many parts of music they sung: I loathe you. Then I want to say. What's the difference between loathe and hate? And How do I pronounce loathe?

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Olá Vintecano,

"Loathe" é mais formal e com isso bem menos comum do que "hate".Vá no
dai escolha o merrian websters para ouvir a pronúncia.

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I'm not sure about the difference between "hate" and "loathe", but I think that loathe is worst than hate, like "abominar" in Portuguese.
The pronunciation is like "loaf" but with "th"...

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In this link you'll find the pronounce ^^ ... mit=Submit

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maryziller 1 2 ... loathe.htm says that loathe is stronger than hate. agrees and ranks some synonyms from less strong to strong in meaning. translates lothe into Spanish, if anyone understands Spanish.
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loathe (l)
tr.v. loathed, loath·ing, loathes
To dislike (someone or something) greatly; abhor.

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