Como dizer "olhar feio para alguém" em inglês

Arandir 75 3
Give somebody the evil eye - olhar feio para alguém

The boss gave me the evil eye because I didn't hand in the reports last week.
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kelvinmunhoz 10
Give somebody a dirty look, pode?

Exemplo: He gave me a really dirty look.

Donay Mendonça 61885 22 99 1502
Olá Kelvin,

Para mim,está ok.

To give someone a dirty look:Olhar feio para alguém:Olhar com raiva ou antipatia.


RenanKenplers 85 3
To frown upon someone.

When you wrinkle your brows, showing disapproval or distaste.

Adriano Japan 905 2 19
Aprendi to glare at somebody.

jlmmelo 3080 10 79
Also, withering look, ( olhar fulminante )

  • 1. ... 12 chiffon shirts she had tailored in emerald, salmon ([cor] salmão, vermelho-amarelado) and aqua (azul-piscina) hues. Has she had her colors done? She gives a withering look. TIME

    2. In the bar of the west London office complex he shares, he shoots me a withering look.

    3. .... They point instead to the lack of funding for sufficient youth violence prevention programs. Mine, as I recall, was a withering look from my father. No district attorney is going to call a public meeting to berate (repreender) parents for not knowing what their junior...

Feltrim 70 2
You could also say:

- Give someone an angry look