Como dizer "Os arquitetos modernos" em inglês

"Os arquitetos modernos deviam se envergonhar ao ver esta foto" é correto "(The) modern architects should be ashamed (of themselves) looking at this photo"?
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Seeing this photos/picture surely modern architects should blush.
(for something outraging, a building or bridge that collapsed or some awkward project).

These pictures should make comtemporary/modern architects get red with envy. It´s such a good job!
Here the modern architects shoulld get some more training and/or learn something from the old guard, so we are praising the old grand structure that is working well, along with being a beautiful building job.

Ashamed would be a strong statement, but grammatically correct. It could be almost as if we were berating someone else for something! But there are cases in which we would say such things...
Ficou a duvida: posso dizer "ashamed of themselves" ou só "ashamed"?
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"Ashamed of themselves" would be more natural. When someone is ashamed, he is ashamed of something, something done, etc. In this case of themselves, maybe by their inability of building something of solid quality.