Como dizer "paradinha" em inglês

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Como eu digo “paradinha” (futebol)

paradinha = feinting and stopping (or just: Stopping).

(Feinting at a penalty kick is allowed, including a brief stop along the way to the ball.)
Finta na cobrança do pênalti é permitida, incluindo uma breve parada a caminho da bola.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will convene at the Home of FIFA in Zurich on Saturday 6 March for its 124th Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Among the matters submitted for discussion:
To discuss the procedure and players’ feinting and stopping during the run-up to take a penalty kick.

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Aquele movimento de parar antes de bater um pênalti, criado por Pelé, vai ser punido de agora em diante, com cartão amarelo. Não é mais legal no futebol. Os estrangeiros chamam isso de "paradinha", assim como nós brasileiros, é claro. Vejam um artigo de um site canadense.

Should the “paradinha” be legal?

This video was run out front on the Wall Street Journal homepage Wednesday evening. (As an aside, I find that the Journal has some of the best and most prominent soccer coverage amongst major U.S. Dailies.)

I had no idea that the legality of so-called “paradinha” – in which the player stunts his run-up and/or initially fakes his kick – was at the discretion of individual referees? That seems kind of like a recipe for disaster, although I can’t recall an instance where I’ve seen a ref annul a kick because of such a move.

But nevermind the legality of the kick… is it actually that effective?

I’ve noticed a lot of younger players (ie. U20′s) in general and Latinos of all ages prefer the stilted run-up. (Hello Cristiano Ronaldo.) In contrast to say, any German that ever existed anywhere, who stereotypically prefers a standard run-up and a straightforward blast, usually into the back of the net.

In 2002, some Korean players famously told the local press that Guus Hiddink advised them that the best way to deal with the pressure of spot kicks would be to simply close their eyes, run forward and kick it as hard as they could. And it worked.

On of my favourite examples of the paradinha working to devastating effect is Guillermo Amor converting against England in Euro ’96. Go to the 2:15 mark of the video below to see. ... -be-legal/

Bons estudos.
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Que interessante!
Povo sem criatividade, nem pra adaptar pra "little stop" :D

Pelo menos ensinam a pronunciar:
"The paradinha (pronounced par-a-JEEN-ya) is performed on a penalty kick by the shooter, who pauses unexpectedly before striking the ball—or even swings his foot through the air several times—before making contact. It’s designed to throw off the goalkeeper’s timing. When executed properly, the move can have jaw-dropping results." ... be-stopped
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...mais uma prova que nós brasileiros é que somos os "experts" de futebol, e pronto!!
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Atendendo a Flávia.lm
The paradinha (little stop) or stutter kick.

Approach the ball with a stutter (paradinha). This is a feinting move in which you aim to confuse the keeper by making a stutter step as you run up to take the kick.