Como dizer "pode me trazer um pouco?" em inglês

Hi everyone,

I have a question.

At on time, I was at a restaurant here in Toronto close to my condon.

I was ordering a kind of japanese sauce called Teriyaki.

here is the following dialogue:

Hi, what would you like to order?
Can I have a Teriyaki sauce.
How many do you want to?
Can you bring me some of it?

My questions is: What are other possibilities to say the same thing which is highlighted above.

Could have I said: Can you bring me some?, Can you bring me a little of it? Can you get me little?

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Marlon X19 5 16

Yeah, I believe you could certainly say ''Can you bring me some?'' Some people might ask ''some of what?'' Well, due to the context the waiter or waitress would easily understand your order. Plus, you could also use the verb ''may'' instead of ''can'', it sounds more polite. ;)