Como dizer "quem disse isto" em inglês

Meus caros mestres, eu encontrei, no YouTube, as duas formas diferentes para pergunta no título.

"Quem disse isto" ? conforme as duas formas abaixo.

a) Who said it? e

b) Who did say it?

Ambas são boas "structures"? Ou uma é melhor que outra? O que os senhores recomendam?

Aguardo sua atenção de sempre.

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The second is more used, it´s how we (normally) make questions involving WHO and the auxiliary DO.

Who says generally said in positive questions and takes an direct object.


Who did say it? it´s a clarifying question, that is, you don´t know who said it. And it´s not given an option/alternative to pick from, it´s a general question about something that was (generally) just stated/informed to the inquirer.

Who said it.
Is more of a question in which you, more or less, expect the people know the answer, he/she has only to choose which people "said it", from the given options (if 2 people) or given alternatives (if there are more than 2 choices, but then it has a finite number of choices).
Well, sometimes the "who said it can be of one with three alternatives" like here (but it´s limited, you have to choose from them): ... omeon-1520 ... 812AAOAD2J
Does not sound correct in general, but can work in a context. It is not the question which can be answered: Me, He did, or sth like that. It could work for example in such a dialogue:
-People were hesitating, but I heard that not all of them hed refused to come. I remember that somebody said he would come, for sure!
-Mike said he would come?
So who really DID say it?

[here, a who said it -but with emphasis-DID enter for emphasis ]

That´s why you see plenty of "who said it" in quizzes on the Web this way. In a way, it something like "who was the person that said it?" and, of course, there´s clearly a quote/line/adage/proverb etc, that was said (usually of public knowledge).

As I said, with questions in general you use the "DID", and you are in the safe side.

Hope it helps, or at least clarifies it a little bit.