Como dizer "remarcar" em inglês

Como eu posso dizer:

"Vamos remarcar esse encontro para semana que vem."
"Vou ter que remarcar o teste para outro dia."


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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k



We'll have to rearrange/reschedule this appointment for next week.

Bons estudos!
Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!

minha sugestão: reschedule, rebook..

Take care,

Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
"Relabel with updated prices?" asks my dumbfounded self.
Thomas 7 60 290
(1) A good (but lengthy) was to say this is "Let me give you a rain check. Can we reschedule for next Tuesday? (see below)

Main Entry: rain check Pronunciation Guide
Function: noun
1 : the stub of a ticket (as to a baseball game) retained by the spectator and good for admission to a later performance if the scheduled performance is interrupted during its early part (as, in baseball usually before 4 1/2 innings are over) by rain or bad weather
2 : an extension of the offer of a favor or privilege until a more appropriate or convenient time <decided to pass up the invitation for the moment, but told him we wanted a rain check for transportation across with the last officers who would leave the city -- R.A.Gunnison> <who smiles, confers a rain check to an untoward hour -- Marsden Hartley> -- often used with take or give <take a rain check on that dinner>

(2) Rebook is fine for hotels, restaurants, etc. Reschedule is OK for informal or formal meetings, events, etc. It would sound strange if used for a hotel, restaurant, etc.

(3) Márcio, you are on the money. Very clear.