Como dizer "Reprimir a oposição" em inglês

To crack down on opposition

The case has come after several laws were passed to crack down on opposition, including one that raised the fine for taking part in unauthorised demonstrations 150-fold to 300,000 rubles (about £6,000). The Guardian

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Portanto "reprimir" = "to crack down on" ?
jlmmelo 12 95
Also: Clamp down (on) - reprimir

  • How do we clamp down on American citizens who preach overthrowing the government?
  • He wants to cut back on government spending and clamp down on extremist Islam.
  • However, Saudi King Abdullah has been trying to clamp down on extremist ideology.
  • As explosive as this team is on offense, it can clamp down (reprimir/combater) defensively as well.