Como dizer "sem entrelinhas" em inglês

Hey buddies =D

I'm starting to look for remote works and I would like to describe in my profile (upwork website) that I am a plain-spoken person.
First, I thought on "Eu sou claro, direto e verdadeiro", but couln't find some that would match and I'm not sure "plain-spoken" would fit. Then, I remembered the Portuguese expression "sem entrelinhas" and didn't find it here.

Huge text, but it's the whole context ^_^
Waiting for answers c:

(I apologize for any prepositions mistakes or whatelse, I didn't begin my knowlegde updating by my own. I used to know it better)

Thanks in advance ;)

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Hi there!

plainspoken (adjective), also plain-spoken
: expressing opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc., in a simple and honest way. ;)
From Cambridge Dictionary

As you can see, your choice is correct depending on the context.

There are some options though:

To be objective
Straight to the point

- there is an expression, actually "saying" that is the oposite of "straight to the point":
"To beat about the bush" (rodear e não chegar ao ponto).
- out of curiousity, "to read between the lines" means "ler nas entrelinhas."


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" I am direct and to the point " would do (in English).
In Portuguese you could say "tenho uma personalidade forte, gosto das coisas ditas de forma direta, sem rodeios, sem meias palavras, sem ser rude".

Also in English:
I am outspoken, blunt, even to the point of rudeness( or almost to the point of rudeness, some would think); I call things by their proper names without any "beating about the bush".
(From Wikipedia, with some tinkering of mine.)

I am outspoken, I call a spade a spade...

Ah, plain-spoken in the sense of "frank" would do as well.
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