Como dizer "Tomar uma pinga" em inglês

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To have a schnapps

Schnapps - a strong liquor.
Come on in and let's have a schnapps.
Entre e vamos tomar uma pinga.

Ref. pt.wikipedia

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Indeed as we have our cachaça, the Russians their Vodka, the Schnapps are a destiled drink, seems as being gin and their cousins (distilled cereal drinks).
With time it seems like it having evolved in meaning, to that of "a mouthful, gup" (the German meaning) but then a gup of any distilled drink (anyway, usually referring to distilled cereal drinks - as from rye, barley, etc).
So, when we say "tomar um pinga" we generally think of a "shot of cachaça" whereas the German may think of a shot of "spirits" (strong liquor made of cereals like those mentioned.), or gin if you wish.

Ref. memidex
Ref. content.paodeacucar