Como dizer "Vitória magra" em inglês

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A meager win
Bordeaux had a meager win, 1-0.

Por outro lado: Placar elástico
An elastic score
Playing against Mexico, Brazil won by an elastic score, 5-0.
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Hi zumstein,

Do you have any references for the "elastic score"? That expression is new to me and I'm having some trouble finding examples.

Avatar do usuário zumstein 9940 1 20 302

Barcelona had no difficulty in thrashing the Spanish second division Hercules 7-0 to advance to the last 16 of the King’s Cup. At home, the team secured the elastic score without Messi, Suarez and Neymar. ... hat-trick/

No Peru:
The more elastic score of the round was the victory of Sport Callao. (
Hi zumstein, thank you for the reply!

Not sure if I agree with the translation, it seems to be a direct translation from a pt-br expression. Some more comments about it: