Correções de texto: A note to Pedro

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Ana sent Pedro a note on her last vacation day. She said that it had been a lot of fun there, but it was time to go back home. According to her, she would get on the bus at 2 pm two days later. She should get home at about 6 pm, so she asked Pedro to leave everything organized. She added that when she got home, she would definitely want to drink a cup of coffee, and then asked him to make some coffee before 6 pm.
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Ana sent Pedro a quick note [1] telling him how her vacation day was/how she spent her last vacation day. She had lots of fun/it was lots of fun, but it was time to go back (home). She let it known that she would take the 2 p.m. Bus, two days later and she expected to be arriving home at about 6 p.m. She asked him to get ready for her arrival [2]. In addition to this, she asked him to fix a coffee, she missed drinking coffee so much!

[1] or a message by voice mail, via email, etc.

[2] I think it could be "She asked him to get things ready around the house to her arriving". But it had a ring of her being a bit overbearing to me.
Anyway, it is a kick-off of sorts, others may chime in and give a more improved version of it. ;-)

With "she asked him to mix a coffee" is to be assumed that it is at the time she reaches home, the "in addition to this" meant in addition to the "directions" she had just given.
Perhaps with "she missed his coffee so much" would work as an incentive, but I left as it is. Just saying!