Experience in x on x with: Qual utilizar

What is the correct preposition after the word experience ? Experience in, experience on or experience with?

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Hey, LaBecker!

Basically, the Concise English Grammar for Foreign Students (Longman, 1961) points out the following:
  • experience with something (I have experience with translation)
    Experience in doing things (I have a lot of experience in working with children)
Examples regarding experience in:
-She has a great deal of experience in introducing new products to international markets.
-She's experienced in translating Latin to Greek.
-She has years of experience in the computer industry.

Examples regarding experience with:
-I have a lot of experience with children.
-I have experience with sales and marketing.
-It was her first experience with people from another culture.

I haven't found any reference for experience on within grammar textbooks, though I think the pattern is experience on a place or experience on a field. I would avoid this one. But here are some examples anyway:
-I gained a lot of experience on the production side of the radio shows.
-Mr Marko Taponen has experience on mobile software development.
-It is increasingly important that DMU students and graduates have experience on their CV.