Field "Compensation required" in a form.

I was filling out a form, and I came across a field called "Compensation required". I don't know what that means. Does anybody here have any clue what it might be?

Thank you in advance!

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Henry Cunha 3 18 184
Presumably what salary you are expecting for your work.
It really depends what kind of form it is. From the looks of it, Henry is right, but it's unclear as it is. It might be optional to fill it out since it doesn't have a red asterisk next to it. In that case, they might ask you in person for an answer and you can ask them to clarify (per hour? per year?).

Basically, Compensation Required means 'How much money do you hope to receive?' Although Compensation is sometimes different than a Payment. If I'm going to volunteer, I'm giving them my time for free. As a show of gratitude, the organization that I volunteer for may compensate for travel expenses or something.