Have Left - meanings

"But how long does the space station have left?" (time remaining)

"The police said he used to abuse the girl after everybody had left the school in the evenings." (leave)

"How much more money does she have left?" (money remaining)

I'm looking for "have left" meanings and trying to understand this expression in different situations. Am I correct above these ones?

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PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
But how long the space station is expected to remain in orbit until its useful life is spent up?

How much time remains until the space station useful life is spent up.

How much time remains until the space station loses its functionality.

It's for illustration's and language's sake because the space station certainly don't loses its functionality, what's more likely is that its batteries are the ones to have a shorter lifespan. So, they would be replaced.
So, you can reword those sentences using 'batteries' (in the second and third sentence, since "batteries remaining in orbit" could lead to ambiguity.) ;-)
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
On second thought I admit it does have less time remaining than I thought. There's an item on Popular Science with the title "How Many Years Does The Space Station Have Left?"
And Boeing answer is - 2028 will be a threshold, perhaps they will extend its useful life, but with some tinkerings.

Ref. popsci