In x Within: Qual a diferença

Qual é a diferença entre IN e WITHIN, já que ambos significam dentro em inglês?

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First of all, I think they can be interchangeable at times. Anyway, you might like to know about some differences in usage.

‘In’ is specifically defined as being inside while ‘within’ implies being inside of a given set of parameters relative to the object it’s linking to and not actually inside of it.

Differences Between In and Within | Dif ... z6FXpyKAlk

Picking the example of the car, the car is in the garage - you are being precise in kind, it´s a certainty. You are being specific, whereas with "the car is within the garage" you could be meaning "within the area of the garage". Granted, with this example
It doesn´t clarify much, let´s think of "he is in the neighbourhood" (no need to ask further, at least the speaker assumes initially) whereas "he is within the neighbourhood" adds some imprecision to it (perhaps we are tailgating him or searching for him, but his location is a bit imprecise here). So, the second suggests "he is somewhere in the neighbourhood area".

With time: I will be leaving in an hour (certainly I will leave at this time, perhaps there´s a schedule - so I mean exactly one hour here).
I will be leaving within the hour. (We will arrive sometime between now and one hour from now. - some imprecision is added- at any time in-between.)
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