Infinitivo ou gerúndio após verbo To Be

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Olá pessoal,
Hoje venho com uma pergunta sobre o Verb To Be.
Segue as seguintes sentenças:

The main thing is getting used to it.


The main thing is to get used to it.

Não sei se posso usar ambas as frases. Gostaria de saber há algum erro nelas, e se tiver, gostaria de saber o porquê.

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Usually we have "Be Used To + Noun/‑ing Verb."

Even if the verb "to be" is separated from the "Noun/-ing" in the sentence:
She is used to getting up at 6:00 am because she does it every day.
The teacher wasn’t used to answering so many questions during class.

Also notice that only the "to be" part changes, to indicate if you are talking about something past or happening at the moment you speak. The "used to" is always in that way.

Ha! You threw me a curve, huh? Mentioning the verb TO BE and giving examples with the verb TO GET! Ha ha ha.
Get used shows that something is in the process of becoming normal.

The following site have some example of "get used to/be used to" and it points out that they can be followed by either a noun or a gerund. ... sed-to.php

My guess is that your sentence with "it" (pronoun) is acceptable, since what does a pronoun do? Stands in the pace of a noun, right? ;-)

PPAULO 56050 6 43 1005
I meant "stands in the place of a noun.", sorry for that.