Isso é present perfect?

Avatar do usuário Charles Bunn 50 1
Esses são exemplos de uso do present perfect?

I have lost myself again.
I have lost my keys.
I have come to talk with you again.

Muito obrigado.
Avatar do usuário Cinnamon 13700 14 35 301
Hi there!

Yep. They are examples of Present Perfect. You see, this verb tense highlights the consequences, the effect, the product of something that happened (maybe it's just happened), but there is still something, there's something left.

Have lost both literal or not; you can't find yourself, maybe your soul, or your place in this world (poetic hum!) and that is your present situation.

To have lost your keys; not having the keys at the moment of saying sth, that is the "key" of perfect tense here. LOL

Have come and talk to someone. You're not saying when, that's not the point, you're action leaves traces...

Hope it helped a bit
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