Keeping Our Heads About Water?

Em MA geralmente as pessoas bebem agua direto da torneira, mas um acidente deixou como 30 cidades sem agua potavel. Depois de ver este topico sendo comentado na televisao pensei em postar aqui, pois penso que algumas pessoas podem pensar nas perguntas como se fossem pessoais em caso se isso acontecesse ai na sua cidade. Quero ver as respostas. As perguntas mais importantes marquei em negrito. Se nao quiser ler tudo, va direto pro final da pagina onde estao as questoes. thanks mili

Keeping Our Heads About Water?

You just boiled your toothbrush and gargled with Poland Spring. It was the last drop from that case of H20 you nearly got into a fist fight over at the grocery store. You could take a shower but you're not convinced that skeevy bacteria won't be drying on your skin. But don't worry, all that stress will go away when you drive up to your local Dunkin Donuts for a hot cup of java. Wait......they're closed?

If you live in one of the dozens of cities and towns in the boil water zone you've probably learned a lot about yourself over the past couple of days. Are you a survivor, a whiner, a water rager?

Some communities are helping out by providing free bottled water but if yours isn't, do you feel cheated? Maybe you went to your local convenience store and discovered they were charging ten bucks for that case of water that normally costs four? That's price gouging and might make you want to gouge the clerk's eyes out.

We want to hear your stories from the "Aquapocalypse"

Is there a sense of entitlement out there over water? If you're in one of the boil water zones do you expect your town to provide you with bottled water? Have you seen hoarding or price gouging? Do you get the sense that people are helping each other or is it every man for himself? How have you adapted to a temporarily water-less world?

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4 respostas
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
On the language side, what happened to "keeping one's head above water"?

I don't know how one would keep one's head about water.

Somewhere on the Internet they say the world will soon run out of water. Some speculate water-thirsty China will take over the entire Amazon area; some say no, the USA will do it; some say no, the entire world will bitterly fight for a piece of it.
isso só significa que a água é importante para nós, e devemos preservar e cuidar da água ou qualquer areas.without base desta água não somos nada, não podemos viver sem isso .. ;)
hey guys, thanks. I will wait more comments then I will talk about the last question because that one I think is very interesting.
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
mili, on your "Do you get the sense that people are helping each other or is it every man for himself?" question.

Yes, I do. We'll always come across straightforward, warm-hearted people who won't hesitate to help other people without feeling embarassed. I believe in a divine entity, namely the god most of us believe in, okaying most of our good actions, a god who continuously puts all the good people just across the street. Or on the threshold of our humble homes.

On your "How have you adapted to a temporarily water-less world?" question.

I haven't tried to. How would we adapt to a temporarily helium-less sun?
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