Native to x Native from: Como utilizar

anita 13
Hi, guys! Please help me here... I saw in a book that certain fruit is native to certain country. I had always thought that the preposition that would follow native would be "from". Are both ok or is just from correct? Thanks!

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"native of" - substantivo

"native to" - adjetivo

If you say someone is from Brazil, it means he/she is a native of Brazil, or native to Brazil... got it?
anita 13
Yes, I've got it! Many thanks!
anita 13
Well, Mayron, I was reviewing the topic and got a little confused again :-( Could you give some examples of each one, as a noun and as an adjective? It'll help a lot. Thanks!
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

a. These fish are native to North America. - Adjetivo.

b. The bear was once a native of Britain. - Substantivo

Boa sorte!
anita 13
OIC! Many thanks, Donay!