O que significa "ever given"?

Hello folks!
I'd like an aid about it definition about it "ever given" in which I have doubts about this.
I'm reading a book about it life of Nelson Mandela, called "Nelson Mandela - Long walk to freedom".
At the determined text appeared the following phrase:
" I was ever given a hiding by him"

I read the phrase, but I didn't find definition. I searched in internet, but the definitions that I found "não fazia sentido (how can you say this word in english, because I can't found in internet). what was to write.

Forgive me if have some words wrong in english and correct me.
Thanks a lot :)

Merry Christmas.
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41905 6 33 735
I hazard the guess that it was a short way of saying "I was not ever given a hiding by him." (Ele nunca me deu....), provavelmente a frase vai por aí...
You certainly didn´t found it because sometimes they write things in a informal way, to get the attention and empathy of the reader.
We sometimes have to "play (it) by ear", indeed.

Now you have to see from context to see what he meant by "hiding'', some likely candidates "esconderijo" (or less common) ''ocultação -or - surra".
Avatar do usuário edrob518 3160 6 71
Nao fazia sentido= it didn't make sense
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41905 6 33 735
The definitions I found didn´t make (any) sense.