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It is very clear that honesty is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, since it leads to trust and trusting someone is essencial for a good conviviality. Still, it is necessary to think before speaking for the purpose of not hurting someone's feelings, since saying the truth can often sound rude.
Firstly, it is relevant to say that sometimes psychological abuse can be mistaken by sincerity, once you're telling a persong "actual traits" of it's physic or personality, but being honest shouldn't just be about telling the truth, but also being polite while doing it. Being trustworthy doesn't comes from offending people, it comes from being carefull with their feelings while saying something, and even though someone in a relationship must be sincere, there is no need to be unpolite.
Secondly, stating only parts of a story is not the same as being honest. Ommiting some of the truth can be considered lying, whereas it implies that you can't tell everything to you're partner, and it breaks trust. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to accept each other's mistakes and work towards fixing them together, regardless of how many times you get something wrong. For the purpose of having that healthy kind of relationship, you must be honest and tell the whole story, seeing that if you're partner trusts you, it will agree with staying with you and fixing whatever is wrong.
At last, it is needless to say that when you lie, there is a huge possibility of somebody noticing it or eventually discovering the truth, and once you break somebody's trust, that person will very unlikely trust you again. Hereby, it is important to avoid lying and ommiting facts in order to keep any kind of relationship, being it friendly or romantic. It will also help you to be the best version of yourself and have a nice personality.

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