Regra para -er, -or -ist ou -ian para profissões

Pessoal existe alguma regra para -er, -or -ist ou -ian para profissões?

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rules no, but patterns.

The -er, -or, -ist, -ian are SUFFIXES and can be used to show professions

-er --> teacher - Plumber
-or --> director, actor

-ist --> pianist, receptionist
-ian --> politician, optician

There are professions we use PERSON

- spokesperson, chairperson

Others you can use MAN or WOMAN

- Mailman
- Policewoman

Let's not forget the -ess for women

- waiter
- waitress
- Actor
- Actress

Other suffixes (exceptions)

Secretary, Vet, Cook (cooker is a machine), Pilot, Assistant

My suggestion is use a good dictionary to help you if you have questions - and google also :D

here is an interesting link to a website on this matter ... v177.shtml

See ya!