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Quais são os significados possíveis de 'kitchen-door', 'besought', 'beggar-woman', 'dearee', 'goody', 'finer', 'wiped away" no contexto abaixo?

'She continued sobbing in the corner of the chimney, until a rapping at the kitchen-door roused her, and she got up to see what had occasioned, it. She found a little old beggar-woman hobbling on crutches, who besought her to give her some food. "I have only part of my own supper for you, Goody, which is no better than a dry crust. But if you like to step in and warm yourself, you can do so, and welcome." "Thank you, my dear," said the old woman in a feeble, croaking voice. She then hobbled in and took her seat by the fire. /"Hey! Dearee me! What are all these tears, my child?" said the old woman. And then Cinderella told the old woman all her griefs; how her sisters had gone to the ball, and how she wished to go too, but had no clothes, or means to do so. "But you shall go, my darling," said the old woman, "or I am not Queen of the Faëries or your Godmother. Dry up your tears like a good god-daughter and do as I bid you, and you shall have clothes and horses finer than any one." Cinderella had heard her father often talk of her godmother, and tell her that she was one of those good faëries who protect children. Her spirits revived, and she wiped away her tears."

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"Goody" can mean "legal", "algo bom para comer", "questião", etc. However, in the context above, the writer probably used the word to mean "senhora", a title given to a married woman (in this case, a married woman of low status). The paragraph is written in archaic English, and that meaning of "goody" is old too.