Some names of colours worth knowing

Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 9960 2 17 177
Have you heard of "pale straw", or "brown ale"? Well, these are the names of colours that can tell about your health: ... fographic/

So the next time you go, have a good look.
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Avatar do usuário Diego Pikulski 2100 2 5 42
Nice topic Henry.
Now I can say I know about my urine.
Until now, I don't known nothing about this theme.
So today my body is saying to me drinking more water XD

If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.
All the best.
Dear Henry Cunha.

Really your topic is very interesting.
Thanks for the information, I will relay to my pupils.

Bye, bye!
Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 9960 2 17 177
Well, maybe the least we can say is that if we spend time on this topic we aren't pissing it away.