Add half-again - Tradução em português

"I wouldn't normally ask," says the twentysomething in Soho, and soon he's got Grint in a tight clutch, posing with a finger pointed to say, "Look what I found!" Grint used to quite like going to music festivals, but people there started finding him in the crowd and wordlessly hoisting him up for display. Picture requests are nothing, a breeze, compared to being presented like a weighty fishing catch at a festival, and when we round a corner and Grint is asked to pause for another picture he's already extending an arm and readying a photo smile before the request is out. We've walked less than 100 metres. How does this guy get anywhere? He must have to add half-again to every planned journey, put aside long weekends to get around the supermarket.

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Henry Cunha 3 18 183
"adicionar outra meia distância" (à cada saída planejada) -- ou tempo

Esse hífen não me parece necessário. A expressão comum é

"add half again as much as the original measure" = adicione uma meia medida (metade) da original