Tradução de "Brushstrokes"

Avatar do usuário Gustavo Sena 195 5
I've read a text about Van Gogh lately and it says that his paints are noticeable by their striking color and heavy "brushstrokes". What is a "brushstroke" and its translation for portuguese?
Also, allow me to ask this: As Van Gogh said, "There is no blue without yellow and without orange". What did he mean by saying that?
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brushstroke: a mark left on a surface by the movement of a brush.
Nos quadros deles dá pra se notar como as pinceladas são fortes, deixando suas marcas pelo pincel que esconsta, desliza na tela. Sobre o quote dele achei no Yahoo alguém que publicou:
It means objects need a foil (to prevent someone from doing something they're trying to do), or contrast to show their true nature, even colors, need their opposites to shine. It is like how a jeweler puts diamonds on a black cloth to make them stand out. Yellows and oranges make blues shine truer. (like fruits,there is a huge variety of fruits, but let's suppose that there's only an apple as a fruit. Without other fruits we would never be able to try them and say "Oh, apple tastes better" or even "I prefer a pear better than an apple", although the contrast between things, that's what make we see their qualities)