Flog - Tradução em português

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Coming soon to the Urban Dictionary (If accepted), this definition is under review by the Urban Dictionary editors.

Flog stands for Feeble Lashes Objurgating Gaffes. It is the equivalent of Ann Lander's famous "lashes with a wet noodle" for minor infringements in ettiquite, grammar, or social situations.

Flog is a nominalization of the verb "to flog, which means to beat or whip, to strike with a strap or whip."

...Alessandro said that he deserved 100 flogs for forgetting his friend Adir's birthday.

...Ann Landers made a mistake in the advice she gave a desparate housewive. 100 flogs for her.

...A respected teacher made a slight vocabulary error, so his punishment is 100 flogs.

...The mathematician reversed the signs in his equation, so he got the wrong result. His thesis advisor recommended 100 flogs for lack of attention to details.

...The student said 'banco' instead of 'banca', which completely changed the meaning. 100 flogs with a wet spaghetti strand.

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