Tradução de "Foot the bill; Shadow work"

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Labour looks to Denmark for childcare policy

Labour is to put childcare at the centre of its next manifesto and is examining models in Norway and Denmark, where the state foots the bill for the poorest in society.
As the number of unemployed women in the UK hits 1.1 million, it is believed that the cost of childcare is preventing many from returning to work after having children.
The shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne, and the shadow education secretary, Stephen Twigg, writing in the Observer, say childcare is an "early priority" for Labour as it formulates policies for the next general election. Arguing that the coalition's benefit reforms will trap people in worklessness, they commit to learning from Scandinavia, where 10% more women are in work.
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Foot the bill: pagar a conta

''The state foots the bill'': o estado paga a conta.

Foot the bill (for something): Fig. to pay for something; to pay for a bill. - Thefreedictionary

Shadow: tem a ver com "da oposição", "que ocuparia determinado cargo".

''The shadow work and pensions secretary...''
" O possível futuro secretário do trabalho e previdência...''