Give off passionate vibe - Tradução em português

ailime 1
Hi. I have a question about the use of "give off____vibe"

I guess that we can give off nice/bad/cool/crazy/mean/stubborn/spoiled/etc vibe.

I think it's right to say give off passionate vibe . Isn't it? If it is, how can we translate it in Portuguese??
Is this expression commonly used by native English speakers?

Thanks in advance,


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Daniel.S 1 2 7
give off tem o sentido de transmitir ..emanar..liberar

Ex: that song from Dave Matthews gives off a nice vibe.

never heard give off passionate vibe..maybe:

What kind of vibe do you give off?

What kind of energy or vibe do you give off to people?


let's wait for more insights.

Thomas 7 60 290
my personal observations:

to give off A passionate vibe ("a" needed if singular)
to give off passionate vibeS (no "a" needed if plural)

I am used to hearing vibes in the plural, not the singular.

I believe you will find "good vibes" (or "good vibrations") much more common than "passionate vibes". In fact, I think "good" and "bad" are by far the two most common adjectives associated with the expression.

The expression seems old and out-dated to me. When I hear it, I think of the slang of the 1960s, "hippy slang".
Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k

Para mim, a palavra [verbo - collocation] que melhor combina com "vibes" seria "give" sem "off", como em: give someone good vibes, give someone bad vibes.

"For the CD I've remixed a track by Nathalie, a great summer tune that gives you good vibes [ que te passa uma energia/vibração boa/legal]." (

Boa sorte!
ailime 1
Thank you very much for your help!!
So, it's an old-fashioned expression. Good to know that! :D