I'm here for four days - Tradução em português


I have a question about the translation of the following phrase: "I'm here for four days."
Are the translations below appropriate to the phrase above?

1) Eu estou aqui há 4 dias.
2) Eu vou ficar aqui 4 dias.

Just to give you a context in which I found that phrase, it was said in reply to the question "How long are you staying for?". In this context, I'm sure that the proper answer would be "Eu vou ficar aqui 4 dias.", but, by searching that phrase on Google Translator and Reverso Context, both also suggest the translation "1)".

Here is the full text if it necessary.
Alicia: Hi, I’m Alicia.
Stephen: I’m Stephen. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?
Alicia: I'm from Spain. I'm here on holiday.
Stephen: Oh, great. Are you having a good time in London?
Alicia: Yes, I'm having a great time, thanks.
Stephen: How long are you staying for?
Alicia: I'm here for four days.
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Leonardo96 16 248
It means they will be staying for 4 days. The question that leads up to it makes it pretty clear. If it meant they had been there for such timespan they would have used the same structure I just did myself (have been/present perfect).