Tradução de "Major Tom, Ground Control, Action Man''

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Estava ouvindo a música “Ashes to Ashes” do David Bowie, a qual se refere aos personagens de “Space Oddity”. Qual seria nesse sentido o significado de “Major” Tom? Major nesse sentido significa um astronauta? E Ground Control, é uma expressão comum em naves? Gostaria saber também o significado de Action Man.

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Well, to begin with. Many say that "ashes to ashes" is metaphorical speaking; it would be autobiographical, kind of.
Ashes to ashes then, because of his past (that of Bowie) that would be finished (dead), he was turning the page and going clean now.
Major Tom would mean he (Bowie) in the past, so the music would be like he was talking about him in the third person.

The beginning of the music is a bit puzzling (at least for me), Do you remember a guy that's been In such an early song? it perhaps meant that the song was an "early death" or "tripping" or something else (that time was a bit psychedelic and things hadn´t to make sense)...

I've heard a rumor from Ground Control

Ground control could mean someone from the rehab clinic, or could be that David just meant "rumour has it (that)"...
Thank you so much!! It really helped me!!
But do you know if we can use "Ground Control" and "Major" (relating to the meaning of the context of Major Tom) in real life?
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Ground control - the ground-based personnel and equipment (radar/computers, etc) that monitor and direct the flight and landing of aircraft or spacecraft. In Portuguese - "controle de solo."

Source: definition Google /Collins Dictionary.

Major, in real life could be a man from the US Air Force, with the rank of Major. In that decade the astronauts where selected from the most elevated ranks from the military.