Pack them in - Tradução em português

The UK may seem like an increasingly secular nation, but figures released on Thursday show that, when it comes to marriage at least, the Church of England is still able to pack them in.
The numbers show that weddings in the established church went up by 4% in 2010 to 54,700 compared with 52,730 in 2009 – the biggest annual increase in the past decade
A number of high-profile weddings last year are likely to give the trend added momentum, with Debbie Codd, the acting editor of Wedding magazine, putting particular emphasis on the "Will and Kate effect".

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Pack them in: atrair um número grande de pessoas para determinada atividade.
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It may help to remember that "to pack them in" is related to "lotar". If you attract so many people that the place (building, concert, park) becomes "lotado", then "you have packed them in".