Tradução de "Raw north...;Wind chill...degrees off"

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The overnight snowfall left up to six inches of snow in higher areas of Scotland as temperatures fell to -5C. The cold weather is expected to move south. Aisling Creevy, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, said: "A slow-moving Arctic front has brought the wintry mix of weather which will continue in Scotland throughout the day and move into northern England before reaching the Midlands tomorrow morning. A raw north-easterly wind will also make it feel very cold with the wind chill taking a two or three of degrees off the actual temperature. Tomorrow the UK will be noticeably colder too."
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"raw north-easterly wind" - vento muito frio que vem do nordeste
"the wind chill taking a two or three of degrees off the actual temperature" - o vento frio diminuindo dois ou três graus da temperatura atual.
(This is called "the wind chill factor")