Second to none; Pip - Tradução em português

Perry predicted he would win but, like Romney, did not specify whether he was talking about Iowa or the nomination. Polls suggest he is lying in fifth place behind Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Gingrich.
But Robert Haus, Perry's campaign co-director in Iowa, said: "I think he is going to surprise people. Our crowds have been good over the last month. People are still making up their mind.
"I think our organisation is second to none. We may not be flashy but we are getting it done. I know we will finish in the top four."
Perry's organisation, backed by 500 volunteers who have come from 36 other states, is superior to Gingrich's and that might see Perry pip Gingrich to the fourth spot.

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Second to none: the best


Pip: (Gíria) vencer; derrotar; fracassar; causar fracasso. - Babylon