Set the floor - Tradução em português

Olá, gostaria de saber o que significa "set the floor". Obrigado.

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Set the floor on fire - would be the same as make an audience respond with great enthusiasm, dancing, singing.
When the audience response is enthusiastic and lively, they get dancing and sining almost involuntarily, then it´s a sign that the band or singer has set the floor on the fire.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
In order to clarify or to elaborate further, and to give a fitting answer, it would help if we had more context to go on.
With "set the floor..." it seemed like it was lacking something, so I connected the dots and had "set the floor on fire", if it´s not what you where looking for, feel free to post a follow-up question.

Como num exemplo assim: "This will SET THE FLOOR to discuss the topic further".
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Thank you, Snowpiercer, for your insightful comment.
PPAULO escreveu: 03 Set 2020, 12:46 Thank you, Snowpiercer, for your insightful comment.
Tava pensando, acho que "set the floor" poderia ser algo como "definir/estabelecer o piso", num exemplo mais ou menos assim:
"Mr. Bolsonaro to set the floor for new public servers wages in October".
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Yes, in such case it would mean define/stablish, then "floor" would mean the "piso" (limite) or the minimum (in contrast to the 'max' value- a ceiling). There is a "wage floor" in Brazil, India and other countries.

"Mr. Bolsonaro to set the floor for new public servers wages in October".
In fact, the sentence seems like journalese lingo, it would be the same as "Mr. Bolsonaro is going to set the floor wages for for new public servants in October."
Brazilian executive set the wage floor by decree. And (it seems to me) the newspapers break the news of raises (adjustings), as if it was a decision solely made by the president. Actually, not so, the congress has yet to study and approve the executive´s proposal.
É isso.
Mas, eu escrevi errado ali, "servidor público", o funcionário público, não é "server" coisa nenhuma, é "servant", como você bem escreveu depois. :-D
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Don´t sweat the small stuff. ;-) What counts is your willingness to help others, and that you were perceptive enough to see the detail without being told to. Congrats!
That´s teamwork, sometimes I make mistakes as well, plenty of them. Overal, your comment was good and useful, we wouldn´t throw the baby with the bathwater. :-)