Tradução de "Tubing"

Ex : He goes down a snowy hill with a tube. She's tubing.
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Perhaps it's easiest to understand by video:

Winter tubing involves sliding down a snowy slope with an inflated inner tube. Verbs: "To tube" or "to go tubing".

There's also watertubing: tubing down rivers or being pulled across lakes by a boat, etc.
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I relate to her getting puzzled, I myself thought that "tube" was always the cylindrical in kind (a toothpaste tube, a pipe, etc. I exclude the TV (anyway, the older TVs had a tube inside them).
Then I went to Wordreference and learn that one definition of "tube" is the part inside a tyre (a parte de dentro de um pney/a camâra de ar). That was a bit of a surprise!