'Twould think it would be - Tradução em português

1 = ..And what be a pirate's favorite fast food restaurant?

2 = Arby's

1 = 'Twould think it would be Arby's..
but actually it's Long John Silver's.

Alguém pode me explicar o significado?

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3 respostas
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
You would think it would be Arby´s...

PPAULO escreveu:You would think it would be Arby´s...

Sim, só não aprendi a entender o 'twould think it would be..
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Don´t know precisely which is your doubt, but let´s go for parts, then.

You would think it would be... is widely used to present an idea or statement in wich you would easily think it´s one thing and then it turns out that it´s another. (so, it can be surprising, or counterintuitive etc...). So, it´s about the contrast of ideas in a sentence, or paragraph.

Baby names..... You would think it would be easier 3rd time round
http://www.babycenter.com.au/thread/112 ... z3ZElV8yZm
[You are mistaken if you think it would be easier, it isn´t...]

Again, I don´t know if I understood question, so I split it up in two parts. Part II :

a) I learned that in early Modern English they used ( ´Tis )" for "this is" and
"Twas" for "it was", thus in the same reasoning ´Twould would be "It would". That´s a point, but there´s more to come...

b) In this discussion we can see (my guess here) that T'would hints something unexpected or uncertain, the author of the sentence don´t want to be the sole responsible for what is saying, so he suggests something (even if with a degree of certainty).

T'would appear that something is amiss. Where art the courtiers? The priests? Why is there not a single voice raised in greeting at thy return?
(It appears that something is amiss, Where are the courtiers? The priests?...- notice that all other verbs are in the present, so all statements are facts, then "it appears" is equivalent to a question, or a suggestion to a change of direction etc...

It seems like such "beating around the bush" persists in the modern commercial/banking lingo, and sometimes out of it (in more informal settings.
as in: It would appear that the amount deposited in the bank....
https://www.englishforums.com/English/M ... k/post.htm

It´s my thinking, though. An educated guess.
Let´s wait for more comments.
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