Try On X Try Out: São sinônimos?

Try on and Try out are synonyms?

TRY ON - She's going to try on the new dress. - Ela vai experimentar o vestido novo.
TRY OUT - He's going to try out the new car. - Ele vai experimentar o carro novo.

It´s from

There is any difference between they?
They are just the same as referring to testing or using experimentally; individually, “try on” also refers to donning (a garment) to test its fit, as “try out” goes for undergoing a competitive qualifying test, as for a job or athletic team.

Hope it was useful.
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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 45850 21 70 1038
Olá Marco,

Try on: Experimentar roupas, calçados antes de comprar.
Try out: Testar algo para ver se funciona, dá certo da forma que espera.

Bons estudos!
Qual a diferença entre Try e Try Out? Pra mim seriam a mesma coisa ...
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12290 1 21 206
Parece-me que já explicaram a diferença. Queira ver os posts acima.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 36450 4 32 643
"Try on" is widely used to mean "experimentar" (no sentido de "vestir/calçar"). So, generally used to refer to clothes/shoes.

"Try out" is used to in the sense of "experimentar" (testar), meaning "testar para ver se dá certo". So, one can try out a computer program, a policy, new ideas, an experiment (with experiment you can also translate it into "levar a cabo"). And try out other things as well.
Hei, man.

Try on looks like wearing something when someone asks for you to do that. When you are shopping.

With regard to try out, it seems much more like seeing if something is going to work it out.

Like: This computer has not been working for day. Now that you have done something, try it out! See if it works again.