Why, when and how did you start studying English?

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Hi, everyone. I started learning English by playing video games. Every single new word that I read, when I was playing, I searched for its meaning in the dictionary. So, I started reading books about English language to learn its grammar. Almost everything I know about english language, I learned by myself. But I still have too much to learn.
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Hello everyone,
I've been studying English since 5 months ago. Indeed I always did study English, but with much strength right now. I started because in my work it's necessary but it did leave to be work and now it's addictive and very interesting. I want to learn english completely and after to learn German :)
I started studying English because my mother told me it was important.I started studying at CCAA in 2005.I remember that at first,I didn't liked the idea .Today,I still study (by myself),it's been three years since I have graduated at CCAA and all that I have to say is:Thanks mom,I love English language!
I started studying English in 2009.
I've always dreamed about studying English. Because in high school I only had contact with the language by translating word by word. I've always thought that was not enough for me.
Now I can understand people! It's amazing!
I started with games, the most of the games are in english, so, i wanted to understandood them. After, i understanding how the english was important for the life in the modern world, so, i started to study more seriously.
Currently, i watch movies and lessons ever that i can, and sure, I keep playing games.
Well, I always liked english, but I just have a English basic course recently. I know that english is very important for all of us, therefore I study englih. I really like music, so I use lyrics to study english.
In 2013 I didn't know anything in english (only Grammar) and my english teacher said something in english. I asked to my friend "What did she say?" and she answered me the translation, so I thought it wonderful.
A day later, I started to learn English in the web, in my house. I started with "Duolingo" and after that I finished it, I started with "LinguaLeo" when I read some texts, watch some english videos, etc. Also I study with English Experts :)
I'm not excellent, but I'm improving my english.
Hi good afternoon everybody. I'm new here at this forum.

I've started studying english because it is mostly a need for the job market nowadays, and also I always liked to learn new languages and know different cultures aroud the world, it was about five years since I've started english classes.

(please feel free to give feedback or to corret any language mistake I made
Flavia.lm escreveu:Question: Why, when and how did you start studying English?

It was my parent’s idea. It was in 1995, I was thirteen and not interested in English at all. --> Yes, I’ve already thanked them. Nowadays I continue studying it, but now because I love the language and I know how important it is to my professional career and to my future as a whole.

Now it is your turn!

I starded to study English three years ago at Cultura Inglesa in Rio de janeiro. Since when I was a child my dream was to study English,because I listened a lot of musics in English so I became interested in the language,but I had no money in this time to pay the course, mainly because I was a child and didnt work. Finally when I finished my graduation I decided to start the course, was the best thing I did, because nowadays to learn English is essential to join in a good company.I am very happy studyng English but I have to improve more and more.

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I always liked english, I had a big wish to speak english very well. I started learning english for years ago, but I stopped two years ago because my daughter was born. Now, I started learning again, I hope to keep on e day after day improve my english