Why, when and how did you start studying English?

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Question: Why, when and how did you start studying English?


- It was my parent’s idea. It was in 1995, I was thirteen and not interested in English at all. --> Yes, I’ve already thanked them. Nowadays I continue studying it, but now because I love the language and I know how important it is to my professional career and to my future as a whole.

Now it is your turn!
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I started studying English because I was getting bad grades in school.It was in 1988,I began to enjoy it more and more as time passed until it became an addiction,now it is a profession.

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I first cut my teeth on English in '68 during my high school years. I never got enough of it. The more I wanted to learn it, the more I went book-hunting or -hopping. I used to have a drawerful of assorted DC Comics, all with a view to learning. Not only did help come from DC Comics and books, it also came from some Americans with whom I talked--awkwardly at first but confidently later. I like to write but I don't know if I'll write a book before I die.
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Well, the first time I got it off ground I was about 14 when I merely got interested in speaking english. I did see my teacher reading an essay and it was such a heaven's sacred thing for me, and when I arrived home I tried to make some impressions of her. That time my house wasn't that 'globalized' yet. I didn't have a computer, even a cellphone was an unimaginable thing for me to reach. Soooo, THE time came up, and I could surf the net for the very first time (at home). I decided to sign up to myspace to chat with foreigners even though I didn't have any bit of knowledge about it. I faced and I decided adding everyone who I was able to see and approachable people to keep in touch.

I mistyped everything while talking to a Slovenian girl called EllaKay, who was very comprehensive and extremely kind. Everything I didn't know she was willing to teach me and that made me feel more confident to add more people in order to spread my teeny-weeny knowledge gained until that time. After a several period talking in english I used to talk in myspace without any problem, but I didn't know how to speak some words due to my everyday-internet studies that provided me a good neck of words but in written standard. I only remember so far that I signed up to AIM and I spent most of time talking to my UK friend called Jodie who just likes saying bullshits and so on. Indirectly it increased my vocabulary as well as grammar. That's it, one year later, I tried out undergoing an english test and this story that I'm not patient to tell you was already told at Cultura Inglesa topic. Go there if you want to know any further.

In addition, during this time I read some articles about english, and I googled some random grammar websites to learn.
Avatar do usuário Arandir 60 2
I've been studying English because I like it so much.
There's no doubt that I'll need to speak in English in the short run but there's no reason in sight.
I started to study english some years ago, 1 or 2...
and today i'm totally rewarded by that already..

I can search and find internet content in english, and be able to understand it, and use it, is just a great thing..

That's one of the biggest things... you can search something not only using portuguese, but english, and discovers other kind of opinion, who might be from other kinds of cultures and so on...

i feel truly joyous... Learn english was some one of the best things i have been doing...


that's another huge turn on for me..

I started studying english about 4 years ago, i was 13~14, at the begginning I was doing it because my parents want to. But now I do it because I like it. I realized how important and useful english is in my life( now i can watch a movie, a tv show and play a game in english, and understand it). In those 4 years I learned a lot, though my pronunciation is still pretty awful. I studied 3 years at SKILL and now im finishing my course at CNA.
Why, when and how did you start studying English?

Let's to answer this question!

In my case, I've started to study English when I was 12. However, in that time I wasn't really interested in studying English. I've studied for 2 years. After that, I gave up to study this language. It's been twelve years ago. Two years ago, I've decided to return to my english class. I got ticked off, becuase I had to go to basic level, I was a upper intermediate level. Although I had got angry, it helped me to focus in learning the language. Now, I'm in advanced level again.

It's extremely important to know a foreign language, because every country is linked each other. And English is the most used language in meetings, contracts and something else.

I think there isn't a better way to study any language, because each person has you own way. For example. I'm addict in movies and series, but I'm not good with songs... I have a difficult in understand what people are singing...

I think that's it for today.
I hope it helps you all.

By the way, Happy Easter!
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I've been studying English for just one and half year but I already studied English a long time ago when I was a child.
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Well, I started studying English because I ike and the job market demands. I've still got a lot of difficulty, especially in conversation. But, I'm trying...