Como dizer "aguenta um segundo" em inglês

Português: um segundo/um momento
Inglês: a tick

  1. Hang on a tick! (Aguenta um segundo!)
  2. I'll be right with you, hang on a tick - make yourselves comfortable in there.
  3. Wait a tick! (Espera um segundo!)
  4. I'll be with you in two ticks.

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Hold on a second

Lights, Camera, -- Wait, Hold On A Second...

You're watching a movie with a fantastic opening scene. There are explosions, gunfire and/or violent men in tuxedos; whatever method the film uses is highly effective and the movie immediately pulls you into the story. There's enough excitement to keep your interest until the movie really begins, until that moment when the hero starts his journey that is the rest of the movie. Now once the hero sees that path that he is to take, he should just go ahead and take it, right? So that the rest of the movie can play out the way we the audience is expecting, correct?

Wrong. In good movies (i.e. in movies with good structure) there is always a moment of pause the hero takes, a delayed action. This is the moment when the hero (or heroes) realize the gravity of the journey they are about to take and hesitate. In classic films such as "The Godfather", "Star Wars" and "Saving Private Ryan" these particular moments come when the characters have to ask themselves "Should I really be doing this? Is this really where I want to go?" And it is in this moment of reflection that we the audience appreciate the seriousness of the situation as well. [ USA]
"Hold/hang on a sec" is common shorthand in everyday conversation.