Como dizer “Comer uma letra” em inglês

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Em Português: Comer uma letra
Em Inglês ......: (to) miss out a letter

Dangerous English:
I tried:
"B. G. celebrates two years off drugs".
I wrote:
"B. G. celebrates two years of drugs".

1 – It's very easy to miss out a letter when typing.
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sandrom 625 3 10
Is it possible to say: "skip a letter"?

Do native english spoken say this?

thanks in advance

Thomas 14580 7 59 287
If I were speaking/reading/writing and I did not say/read/write a letter, I would say:
"I missed a letter" (not "missed out")
"I skipped a letter", or
"I didn't say/read/see a letter".

Marcio_Farias 12520 1 23 210
sandrom escreveu:[...] Do native english spoken say this? [...]
You might have meant, "... native speakers of English..." here.

Thomas 14580 7 59 287
To miss out, at least in the USA, means "perder".

Why didn't you come to the party last night?
Party? I didn't know there was a party.
You missed out! We had lots of fun.

Did you get a present at the office Christmas dinner?
No, I missed out. There weren't enough presents for everyone.

He came from a poor family and missed out on a good education.

There was little affection showed in her family. She missed out on a lot.