Como dizer "como um peixe fora d'água" em inglês

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Like a fish out of water.

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perguntei para uma amiga americana....

Fernanda P Pere... (5:55 PM) Jaye?
Jaye /Io... (5:55 PM) Hi
Fernanda P Per... (5:55 PM) very busy?
Jaye /Io... (5:56 PM) working on rebuilds in Argentina, but I always have time for you
Fernanda P Per... (5:58 PM) the thing is it is not is a language know some kinds of sentences like "Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth"....I would like to know if you guys have one to describe a situation that is not confortable, that you are not get used to.
Jaye /Io... (5:59 PM) ahhh
Fernanda P Per... (5:59 PM) A literal translation for what we use here would be "like a fish out of water"
Jaye /Io... (5:59 PM) that works - I feel like a fish out of water
Jaye /Io... (6:00 PM) people say that here
Fernanda P Per... (6:00 PM) great, sorry for bothering you. tks a lot
Jaye /Io... (6:00 PM) np - anytime
Jaye /Io... (6:00 PM) you're not a bother
A fish out of the bowl.
Ex: I didn´t enjoy myself at that party because nowbody there was a friend of mine. I was feeling like a fish out of the bowl .
Take care
maryziller 1 2
The exression is a "fish out of water" but I like your creative twist.
Adriano Japan 2 20
To be a square peg in round hole.